A natural, relaxed state in which you can make powerful changes in your life:

  • Stopping smoking
  • Weight and eating control
  • Increased confidence (e.g. public speaking)
  • Unresolved emotional issues
  • Regression
  • Removing fears and phobias
  • Sleep issues
  • Relief from stress and anxiety

What is Hypnotherapy?

Under hypnosis, you will experience a state of relaxation and increased awareness induced by suggestion. We naturally experience this state every day, usually without being aware. For instance, when you arrive at a destination but can’t recall parts of the journey or are so focused on a film that you don’t hear someone speaking to you. A person puts themselves into hypnosis and is only guided by the therapist.

Hypnotherapy uses this state of hypnosis together with suggestions (agreed between the client and therapist beforehand) to bring about desired changes.

Am I in control?

You remain in control at all times and cannot be made to do something that is against your will or values.

Most people can remember everything that happens during a session, since you are not asleep, merely deeply relaxed.

You cannot set ‘stuck’ in hypnosis. If the therapist does not continue to make suggestions to you, you will naturally drift out of the hypnotic state on your own.

Almost everyone feels more relaxed and calm after a session.

You are welcome to bring a friend with you for the sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend very much on you and the issue you bring. It might be anything from 2 or 3 sessions to give up smoking, 2 to 4 sessions for weight control and possibly more sessions for more long term issues.

Will it work for me?

Hypnotherapy will work best if you want to change, are ready to change, believe you can change and are committed to a better future. Like all therapies, it does not work for everyone and during an initial telephone call, Andrew will help you to clarify if hypnotherapy is likely to work for you.


I’d been trying to manage my chronic headache for the past 4 years and had tried pretty much everything to make my day to day routine more comfortable. After a session with Andrew, I felt much more in control and able to keep the pain in perspective. He worked very gently and sensitively with me to firstly ascertain what I was hoping to get out of the session and then, based on my specific responses, Andrew took me through a very positive session. This included visualising my pain, taking control of it and also incorporating relaxation techniques.
Andrew has a very calming manner, and quickly helped me to put aside my initial scepticism about how a hypnosis session might pan out in reality. I always felt reassured and came out of the session feeling as if I was being handed the control and the confidence to manage my pain on a daily basis.
I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew.
Colin Randerson

Having had an intense fear of spiders since childhood, I felt it was time to act!  The mind is an incredibly powerful thing and Andrew’s skills and expertise helped me to use my own thoughts and rationale to overcome my spider phobia.  Tarantulas will never be my pet of choice but I can now deal with visiting house spiders humanely rather than resorting to hoovering them up or thumping them with the nearest heavy implement.
Sara Owens

Andrew gave me the tools to be able to have a smoke free future.
Genuinely nice guy and would highly recommend him.
Jamie Scott

Andrew Newton

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP practitioner

Andrew is a hypnotherapist with many years’ experience of coaching and counselling.

As a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, he adheres to their strict codes of conduct, ethics and data security.


Initial phone call

15 mins: free

Initial session

70 mins: £55

Subsequent sessions

Up to an hour: £45

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